How Many Ways Can I Wear It?

If you have shopped at any of our stores you will recognize this piece. 

If you are new to Pretty Please Collective and our sister stores here’s the scoop.This is our one-sized, $49 sweater vest that comes in a variety of colors and can be styled over 4 different ways. Perfect to have in your car in case you are the type of person who gets chilly at the grocery store or at the movie theater. It is great for traveling as you can roll it up into a pillow or use it as a blanket during your flight that can later be styled into your evening outfits.

It makes for the perfect gift because it’s one-sized, works for all shapes and sizes, and is a great price point.

Some of the many ways you can wear it include:

Long ways • Short ways • Shawled •Vest
• Belted • Brooches • Hoodies



Swing by any of our shops and our stylist will demonstrate the many ways to wear this amazing sweater vest.