Lost In Fall

Every year I’ve looked at the season’s fashion trends and have always loved the looks but never invested. I never saw how I could wear these trends in my everyday life, especially living in San Diego where the weather stays more or less the same all year round. I feel most of us living in the southwest are in the same boat. 

Since becoming a buyer for Pretty Please Collective, I’ve seen how these high-end fashion trends can be translated into everyday, timeless fashion.

Here are some examples I’ve seen this fall season

  1. Jewel Tones

The colors to keep an eye out for are amethyst, ruby, deep jade, sapphire, and citrine. This is one of the easiest trends to incorporate into your everyday outfits. For the business women it is as simple as a ¾ sleeve top, for the women working from home it's an easy cover up to throw over your cozy loungewear. Jewel tones are always a staple to have in your closet for the fall/winter season.

  1. Shearling Outerwear

The fuz look is in! Thank goodness! I feel most of us have some sort of this comfy look already in our closets. If not, a simple fuzzy vest is a great staple to invest in and something we can wear once the temps drop slightly out on date nights, girls night, or even a movie night in with the family.

  1. Cut Outs

This trend may be out of most people’s comfort zones. We’ve seen a lot of cut-out dresses along the mid/rib section. But not to fear! There are other versions of cut-outs that everyone will feel confident wearing. These cut-outs can be in the sleeves or neckline of any top. Cut-outs are a fun way to make any outfit flirty and fun.

There are many other fall fashion trends out there, but these 3 trends are easy to find and an affordable way to look fall ready!