Let's Beat That Summer Heat!

For generations, we have been told that wearing less allows us to stay cool all summer long. However, the same can actually be said for those who prefer a more layered look for summer. Believe it or not, creating a layer between you and the sun also acts as a natural coolant and provides skin protection from harmful ultraviolet rays. 


So, whether you want to rock a pair of fabulous denim jeans by the pool or a linen maxi at the outlets, both are great looks to survive the summer heat. The Pretty Please Collective Boutiques are here to meet your fashion needs. Our boutiques have a wide range of brands and styles in our summer collection; because we believe that beating the heat should be expressed in whichever way makes you feel beautiful.


Need to revamp your summer wardrobe? One of our stylists will give you their undivided attention and help you find everything you need when you book a private or virtual styling appointment. They will even help you accessories each new look. Book your session today by sending an email to a Collective boutique near you. CLICK HERE for boutique contact information.


Don’t know what your schedule is like? That’s alright our doors are open, stop by and shop. Our summer collection is in, and our stylists have big smiles on behind those masks. We will provide a personalized shopping experience in a world that at the moment seems so distant.